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Saturday, 02 May 2020 17:13

Artist for In I-Solation

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How has isolation led to a more connected us? - Noella Yan (Australia)

To quote Briana Leaman, ‘Necessity’ is the Mother of all invention. The Coronavirus Pandemic has made us question everything, from1111bbb the viability of globalism to how many rolls of toilet paper we actually need.’ This time has shed light on some honest questions. Is disconnection a way to reconnect? Have we realised that time and space allows for reflection and re-evaluation of past moments we have so often neglected or overlooked. Why didn’t we think of doing some of the things we should have done more of and when this passes, does humanity return to the way things were before or do we take a different course or perhaps, do we now see that maybe we don’t need to choose either but instead, create a harmony of the 2. Whilst technology has always served to connect the world we live in, have we really been connected in a ‘truer and deeper’ sense? For it’s interesting to observe families spending more time, appreciating the simpler things in life yet, social isolation has also shed light on some of the problems and disparity in our society and individuals. I do believe that when life slows down significantly, or even come to a halt, we find ourselves with time and space to reconnect. Like a child, give them too many distractions and they will never discover the world around them. Boredom begets creativity.

Artists alike are taking to creative ways to deliver and express their art. Virtual stages/ digital concerts halls/ living room performances would never have been imagined if it weren’t for this. ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’, for it is in this time of isolation, that we perhaps realise that it is ourselves that limit our possibilities, but hey, it’s all in the learning and doesn’t it feel great to discover that distance holds no control nor power?

About Noella Yan

Melbourne-based Singaporean cellist and collaborative artist Noella Yan has been recognised for her ‘expressive sound’ and her ‘exceptional talent and innate musicality, one with superb technique and interpretation.’ Classically trained, Noella is an avid musician of artistic, improvisational collaborations and new and old music and continues to push boundaries in her creative journey. She continues to work on interdisciplinary projects that support social equality and environmental protection. She is a core member of Trio Anima Mundi and Ad Hoc Collective.



Me, Myself and I-solation - Shahrin Johry

“TRAFFIC has gone,SHAHRIN PIC MAYAFUEL is affordable,

BILLS extended.
KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES.
PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN.
Hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS, REST, and RELAXATION.
The AIR seems CLEANER.
The WORLD quieter.
PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH.
MONEY doesn't make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore.
DESIGNER clothing is pointless as nobody ever really needed it.
DOCTORS AND NURSES are being praised and recognized instead of athletes and celebrities.
And WE now have TIME, finally,
to STOP and SMELL the ROSES.”

..The positive side above all!

Sharing the positivity during this lonesome period….


Title: Take on Me by : A-ha

Instrumental arrangement by shahrin Johry

About Shahrin Johry

Shahrin Johry, a recipient of National Arts Council Postgraduate Scholarship, graduated from Roehampton University, UK, with Master of Arts in Dance, Politics and Sociology in 2019. He did his Bachelor of Arts degree in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore (2012). Shahrin is unique with various embodiments of cultures in his body that comes from Bharathanatyam, Javanese and Balinese dance as well as Western dance like Urban forms, Ballet and Contemporary dance. He has been the principal dancer/ assistant choreographer in a local dance company Maya Dance Theatre since 2007. Through the company, he has worked with many choreographers and collaborators: Oliver Tapaga (USA/Burkina Faso), Janis Brenner (USA), Liz Lea (Australia), Rachel Arianne Ogle (Australia), Ruth Osborne (Australia), Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia), Rianto (Indonesia), Danang Pamungkas (Indonesia), Dr. Sun Ock Lee (South Korea), Ajith Bhaskaran Das (Malaysia). He has also independently created several short works, and full-length productions performed locally and toured internationally: 'The conference' (2012 - 2016), 'Sweet lips' (2014), 'KA' (2017), 'Re: Path' (2018). Shahrin creates art that value interculturalism, hybridity, and addressing/commenting on social issues. He aims to initiate cross-cultural works that explore the relationship between dance and society, and the body as a political statement.



Imagination, at your convenience - ScRach Marcs

At home, is it convenient for imagination or is imagination just a convenience?WhatsApp Image 2020 05 02 at 16.52.22


About ScRach Marcs

ScRach MarcS (Rach, Marc) was formed to represent a new ideology and evolution of street art in Singapore, and soon, the world. Having both started out in the classic street dance styles, ScRach MarcS is about creative movement - We aim to look at dance as an art form, without boundaries and without labels.

We appreciate movement, and we aim to create new and exciting works that push the creative mind and artistic level; we are creators; we are innovators; we are artists; we are here and now.



Time-  Dance Theatre with Kavitha Krishnan (work-in-progress)

Every step, every breath talks about my pain.

Pins my body down in agony, and mind in uncertain waves.

Time wraps me into its arms as a captive, moments unfolding.

I hold onto Hope in the midst of the unknown…

About Kavitha Krishnan

Kavitha is a trained occupational therapist and in 2007 she co-founded Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) with company’s creativeimage001.jpg producer/manager, Imran Manaff. She is the artistic director/resident choreographer of the company. 2002 to 2007 Kavitha was part of ASEAN Flagship Contemporary dance production, "Realizing Rama”, touring internationally. Kavitha's long experience in Classical Indian Dance (BharataNatyam), in Asian dance forms and the combination with contemporary dance, brings a unique Asian style of contemporary dance with innovation and creativity to the work of MDT. Over the past 12years, Kavitha has worked with international collaborators to create inter-disciplinary/inter-cultural dance-theatre works that focus on bringing awareness to social subjects. Since 2014, Kavitha is appointed as an Assessor of Dance Performances by National Arts Council (NAC) and is recognized as a Citizen Ambassador of Singapore International Foundation (SIF). Kavitha represented NAC and Singapore at Tanzmasse 2018 and was a speaker at the International Symposium on Arts, Culture and Community Engagement (2019) in Malaysia in November 2019. In 2018, Kavitha founded Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) made up of performers with different abilities, a community initiative by the company and she leads it with programme leader Subastian Tan, who has a degree in Psychology (BSosc).

Kavitha values dance as a medium for communication and connecting with people.



Drawing the curtain, I remembered the moment I walked along the river. My arm made waves in the blue sky, and my cheek felt wind. - Chiharu Kuronuma (Japan)WhatsApp Image 2020 05 04 at 18.09.33

Sitting on the chair, I am thinking about the days of future and past. How do I hug my friends with my arms?

How do I make you surprised through the screen?

I am thinking about that on the chair.

About Chiharu Kuronuma

Haru is a Japanese contemporary dancer, choreographer and calligrapher. After her experience of ballet and Jazz dance, she moved to London to study contemporary dance, choreography and movement theory at Trinity Laban conservatoire of Music and Dance. After her graduation, she joined several international dance festivals and performed her pieces in East Asia, South East Asia and Europe, and joined several TV commercials and music videos.


Sometimes…. -  Danang Pamungkas and Dewi Galuh Sintosari (Indonesia)

Things happen within closed doors during this lockdown…1danang

Somethings are unexplainable.

Time comes to a stand-still,

But yet things are changing….

We hold on to each other, sometimes.

About Danang Pamungkas

Born in Solo, Indonesia, Danang Pamungkas graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Surakarta. He studied traditional Javanese dance at the Mangkunegaran Palace of Surakarta, Indonesia. Danang worked with Cloud Gate Dance Company Of Taiwan with artistic director Lin Hwai Min in Taiwan for 4 years in the past. He is also a project choreographer for Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore) and has created works like:Fly on the earth, Angst Angel Returns, Haze, Anwesha, Beyond the darkness, Pancha-Flowers Don't Bloom All the Time and has performed in some of the works as well. Danang has collaborated with Cornell University United State, USA for the work, “In one two world”, and with well known director, Garin Nugroho Riyanto for his Silent Movie, “Satan Jawa" (2018). In 2019, Danang toured US, India and China with the touring project, “ Conference of the Bird” by Anikaya Dance Theatre Boston, US and before COVID-19 lockdown measures, collaborated and performed in “Infinity Minus one” and “Anthropic Shadow" by Choreographer Su Wenchi Taipei Taiwan, in Sydney Australia and worked as assistant choreographer for Opera Australia for “Ring Circle “ directed by Cheng Zhi Sheng from Brisbane Australia.

About Dewi Galuh Sintosari

Galuh born in Solo, Indonesia and graduated from A graduate from Tamkang UniversityTaipei Taiwan (Chinese language). She is pursuing her interest in Traditional Javanese Dance as a dancer at Mangkunegaran Palace from 1999 till now. Galuh is a Principal dancer and co-Founder of Dan’s Dance Studio in Solo, Indonesia. In 2017, she conducted dance workshops and performed in-collaboration with local artists in France, Paris and Javanese dance workshops for Taiwan National University of the Arts in 2019. Galuh performed Traditional Javanese dance performance at Dans Festival Esplanade Singapore in 2018. In the same year , Galuh collaborated with Maya Dance Theatre for the project, Pancha: Flowers Don’t Bloom All the Time as a dancer for the choreography by Danang Pamungkas for the project featured in Singapore.

Danang Pamungkas and Dewi Galuh Sintosari are a couple and they as a pair have collaborated for duets under the direction of choreographer, Danang. Their duet works have been presented at different International Festivals and in Indonesia.



“Se Din Amay Bolechhile” - Soumee Deebnb

This is a choreography in Odissi on a song written by 21st century Indian Bard from Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore on prakriti or nature’s impact on the state of a lover, who is in isolation and is longingly pining for the bygone days of romance. The song, set to raag Behag, describes the emotional and mental state of the lover, who is experiencing bitter-sweet emotions of loneliness and longingness, and oscillating between the timing of the past and present.


Languages: Bengali, Hindi

Music Composition and Vocals by: Karthik Raveendran

Choreography and Dance by: Soumee Dee

About Soumee Dee

Soumee is a Singaporean dancer, teacher and choreographer who practices a traditional dance form from India- Odissi. She has trained in the Indian Classical dance forms of Kathak and Odissi, since the age of four. She is currently learning Odissi and choreography under Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, Srjan, India. Soumee is a co-founder of “Ethos -Exploring The Odissi Spirit,” a community of Odissi dancers and teaches Odissi to children and adults. Soumee also volunteers as a Balvikas teacher at Temple of Fine Arts and conducts a monthly workshop for preschoolers at the Artground called "Dance-telling” over the weekends. She actively writes about the Indian performing arts industry in newsletters and blogs.


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