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EventsNAC-GOT TO MOVE (GTM) 2017 featuring Maya Dance Theatre
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 09:37

NAC-GOT TO MOVE (GTM) 2017 featuring Maya Dance Theatre

Got to Move, an initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC), is the first nationwide dance movement that celebrates the diversity of dance in Singapore.

Maya Dance Theatre presents Happy Feet, Healthy Minds! as part of 2017 GTM.

Happy Feet, Healthy Minds! brings dance into different spaces and encourage everyone to let loose and get moving in different ways —- with family, with friends, or with strangers.
We share dance in society in a multitude of ways — a special dance party by our friends at Rolypoly Family, a performance preview, roundtable discussion and web game launch, a public participation project, an improvisation workshop and showing.

All programmes are free and based on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, please write to confim your atteance.

Details of Happy Feet, Health Minds! are listed below.


A. Insights: Dance and Society 1
ANWESHA-Beyond the darkness!
(Social themes through dance theatre)

Contemporary dance theatre company, Maya Dance Theatre, takes participants on an insight into their works which stradle the line of dance while highlighting prevalent social issues.
Join Maya Dance Theatre as they talk about their latest work, Anwesha-Beyond the darkness! which addresses the relevant yet less discussed subject of mental well-being; delving into the ‘urban-ness’ of society and its intangible pressures that result in a state of reduced mental wellness.n

Date & Time

Date: 13 October 2017
Time: 07:45pm-09:00pm

Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts
Room G401
Level 04
1 McNally Street

Capacity of Activity: max. 30
Genre of Dance: Contemporary Dance Theatre
Target Audience/Participation: For those interested in how dance theatre performance is developed, and those who enjoy informal discussions with artists about creative process

Sorry this event is closed as it has reached its full capacity. Please join us for Insights: Dance and Society 2 on 22 October 2017.

Venue support: Lasalle College of the Arts


B. Public Participation Project

Shahrin Johry’s Public Participation Project draws inspiration from flash mobs, dance in public spaces, and installation performances. Playing with the arts’ ability to surprise and captivate, this project brings new functions to a public space.

Date & Timebbb
Date: 21 October 2017
Time: 4.45pm-5:15pm
Venue: Indian Heritage Centre (Outdoor)

Address: 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924

Capacity of Activity: approx. 50-100
Genre of Dance: Contemporary Dance, Urban Dance
Target Audience/Participation: Families, Passers-by, Athletes and Leisure-based athletes, Dance enthusiasts, Music enthusiasts

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C. Rolypoly Family

Rolypoly Family Dance Party at Got To Move Festival (in partnership with Maya Dance Theatre).

Rolypoly Family invites you to a special dance party for young children and their grown-ups! We will celebrate the joy of movement and rhythm, and discover the thrill of dancing as partners and as a community. Dance as you are!

The dance party begins with facilitation to get young children and grown-ups ready for utmost movement expression. Then, we have an open dance jam to provide the space for grown-ups and children to dance in partnership, both leading and following. There is no right way or wrong way here, though we provide tips for safe dancing. Facilitators will be part of the open dance jam to inspire and be inspired.

Date & Timeccc
23 October 2017 (Session 1: 10 - 11 am; Session 2: 4 - 5 pm)
Apsara Asia Studio
114 Lavender Street CT Hub 2, #08-74
Singapore 338729

Capacity of Activity: 12 children with max. 2 grown-ups per child
Genre of Dance: Improvisation
Target Audience/Participation: Families with children aged 2-5 years

Please note:
• This is not a drop-off or parent-accompanied programme. Children and grown-ups participate together.
• We don't decide what "family" means for you. Grown-ups, come with young children who consider you family.
Limited capacity so please register to reserve a place for your family.

Please register here

Venue support: Apsara Asia


D. Insights: Dance and Society 2

Mental Wellness with dance (A roundtable discussion)
This Roundtable Discussion focuses on mental wellness, with speakers who are dance/theatre practitioners, as well as experts from the mental health sector.
Addition: As part of the programme, an interactive web project will be presented. The project will follow a dancer through a single day, and highlight the activities engaged.


Alvin , an educator , visual artist, singer and actor , has a passion for the Arts, amidst coping with mental health challenges ,namely depression. He has performed professionally in a devised piece under Kai Er, in Lone Journeys(Insource Theatre), for charities events by The Jane Austen Circle and many others. He finds the Arts platform a versatile and meaningful way to cope with his struggles and to expressed his insights from challenges.

Date & TimeANWEHSA 500X500
22 October 2017 (2-4pm)
National Library Board (NLB) HQ
Multipurpose Room, Central Public Library
100 Victoria Street #14-01, Singapore 188064

Capacity of Activity: approx. 20-30
Genre of Dance: Contemporary Dance Theatre
Target Audience/Participation: For those interested in mental wellness and the human psyche, how dance theatre performances relate to the real world, and those who enjoy informal discussions with artists about creative process

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Venue support: National Library Board


E. Performance Improvisation Project

This workshop will get you moving and grooving - first to the sound of silence, then adding layers with rhythm and music from different times and places. We will learn some rules and then break them, and find new (better?) rules.

You will be invited to dance in any way, shape or form that you are comfortable with. You will then be invited to enter a space where you may not know what you are doing or why or how you are doing it. You will appreciate how dance improvisation becomes more than freestyling or dancing suddenly, when it becomes a state of being - practicing a presence of mind that enjoys many ways of dancing and many possibilities for moving.

The workshop is accompanied by an improvised performance. It is part of Bernice Lee’s Performance Improvisation Project, looking at the rules that make a dance form recognisable and repeatable. Making use of, stretching and breaking these rules (in this case, Bharathanatyam), Maya Dance Theatre’s dancers create a spontaneous, one-time-only show with Score #1.

About the facilitator
Bernice has performed and toured professionally since 2011. Since 2014 she forms part of Maya Dance Theatre's main creative team, and brings extensive experience as a choreographer, performer, improviser and educator to this session.

Date & Timemnb
25 October 2017 (7:30pm - 9 pm)

The Republic Cultural Centre, Dance Studio 1 (Level 1)

Republic Polytechnic
09 Woodlands Avenue 9
Singapore 738964

Capacity of Activity: max. 20
Genre of Dance: Improvisation
Target Audience/Participation: Youth

Please register This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Venue Support: The Republic Cultural Centre


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