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NewsDADC presents Dance with me (NAC-GTM 2019)
Friday, 04 October 2019 09:41

DADC presents Dance with me (NAC-GTM 2019)

Dance with Me! by DADC incorporates 3 different activities that reach out to different communities while enabling dance/movement as a tool for expression, communicationaaa and to build bonds with our loved ones and others alike.

The focus of these sessions is to encourage everyone involved to feel comfortable moving and enjoy each other’s company through music and movements. In the process, these workshops give an opportunity for children with special needs and elderly from nursing homes to interact through movement.

Apart from the movement based sessions, the short sharing by persons with disabilities from DADC will also pave the way for others to understand them better.

The sessions are seen as part of building awareness for disability led practice and to create a space for connecting through dance. DADC will partner with Apsara Asia to produce and facilitate these sessions


20th October 2019

Rainbow Centre
501 Margaret Dr
Singapore 149306

Families that move together, stay together! In this workshop, DADC will be creating a space for children with special needs and their parents to communicate through movement. The workshop co-facilitated by guest choreographer, Liz Lea will focus on movements that encourage interaction between parent and child, where both sides get to try out simple movements inspired by nature and the environment around us. Participants get to move around the space like wind, be carried around by the waves and sway like the trees! With a focus on imagery, the DADC members with Liz will facilitate participants through the movements where they enjoy the music and move together.

This segment will also draw movements from the children, allowing them to freely express themselves to the music. As they suggest movements that they may like to do, the other participants will join in the fun to copy movements from each other, leading up to a sequence of movements created by the children themselves. This will give them a sense of autonomy and accomplishment as they get to choose and decide what movements come into play, while parents get to enjoy watching their children openly express themselves. Our facilitators will encourage parents to try out the movements their children have created.

The space will have visual aids, rest areas and other forms of support to make the environment friendly for children with special needs. The facilitators are also instructors who have had experience sharing the joy of dance with other children with special needs.

In Movement Bonds session, we hope to forge and strengthen bonds between parent and child, creating a safe space where both sides get to enjoy each other’s company in a fun setting. The session will be conducted in a children-friendly place, The Art Ground’s white box.

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22nd October 2019

CT Hub 2
114 Lavender St
Singapore 338729

This workshop will focus on engaging participants in DADC’s training philosophy and methodology, through which we hope to spread an awareness and understanding of disability arts. By bringing others into the world of our dancers, participants can get to realise how persons with disabilities can co-exist with mainstream artists and develop themselves to become semi-professional dancers.

Participants will have the chance to join and try out the exercises that DADC goes through on a weekly basis, which includes technique training facilitated by artistic director/resident choreographer Kavitha Krishnan with dancers from Maya Dance Theatre. The training focuses on Asian-centric practices and theatre exercises to improve facial expressiveness and understanding of space.

The main highlight would be the improvisation setting in which the dancers thrive in – a live musician accompanied by a live narration of text (facilitated by DADC member, Grace Khoo, a theatre practitioner) will set the tone for an improvisation between the dancers, musician and text.

An overarching theme of “Connection with others” will ground the improvisation. In this, participants get to be observers and even become active movers, both of which would give new perspectives into the minds of our dancers. The open space allows creativity and encourage understanding of elations with each other, where everyone gets to speak through their moving bodies!

To end off, there will be a dialogue session to talk through the choices made in the improvisation process to help each other understand the different and unique thought processes. By the end of this, we hope to remind everyone about how each individual has something only they can offer, and it is no different for people with or without disabilities.

We believe that as society understands, encourages and supports disability arts, more value will be created to add to the vibrancy of the arts in Singapore!

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12th October 2019

Sree Narayana Mission
12 Yishun Ave 5
Singapore 768990

DADC will be partnering with Sree Narayana Mission Home to conduct movement workshops with the elderly in the home. The DADC facilitators, along with Kavitha Krishnan (Artistic Director, Maya Dance Theatre) and Liz Lea from Canberra, Australia will be engaging the participants to bring some joy and laughter through movement. Inspired by elements in nature, the movements will translate into movements using different body parts, like the opening of hands, extension of legs and shaking of shoulders. This will enable the elderly to connect with the DADC dancers in a simple yet fun way using movements and music.

The session aims to get the participants moving, to get in touch with their bodies while enjoying music that they can relate to (ethnic and western songs from the yesterdays). At the same time, getting them to move to current popular Bollywood songs that the new generation enjoys!

This workshop intends to create the intergenerational connection by bringing in facilitators who are of a younger age (DADC), which can foster some change in the everyday routine of the elderly residents from the home and bring some fun, laughter, bonding and smiles.

This workshop acts as a bridge between persons of different generations and different abilities to come together and enjoy an activity together, to bond over and simply enjoy the joy of dance and music!

Just like the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, here through this activity, we say, A Dance a Day, A Dance a Day, Kicks the “greyness” Away!

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