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Monday, 30 March 2020 10:36

Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC)

Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) is a division of MDT started in June 2018. It is a community initiative by the company to create a co-existing space for persons DADC IN SAARANG 2020 lowwith disabilities and art-makers. The team learns dance techniques drawn from MDT’s training and also engages in learning skills related to employment in the arts such as costume management, administration, teaching at schools etc.

First conceptualised by programme mentor Kavitha Krishnan and Shahrin Johry, DADC is currently led by programme leader Subastian Tan, with main trainer Eva Tey and was founded by Arassi Rajkumar, Chen Wanyi, Jaspreet Kaur, June Lin, Megan Tang and Hee Yuan Sheng.

 Online Training Pack

Session 01: 02 April 2020

Session 02: 08 April 2020

Session 03: 23 April 2020

The Moon (Video)

Session 04: 30 April 2020

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