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Wednesday, 29 April 2020 11:34

Making a scene III (02052020)

Maya Dance Theatre celebrates International Dance Day on 29 April 2020.
International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance, created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO.
The event takes place every year on 29 April, which is the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), the creator of modern ballet.

On this day, we would like to showcase one of our work Gra-Vi-Tate (click to watch video).

Click here to read about the evolution of Gra-Vi-Tate.


Maya Dance Theatre’s Gra-Vi-Tate showcases dancers twirl, whirl to find new connections between themselves and to gravitate towards each other; moving in transition from the classical dance form of Bharathanatyam toward contemporary dance.
The highlights the conflict of the past and the present... and new possibilities for the future!

GRA-VI-TATE was first presented at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit 2014 (Angers, France). Gravitate will be featured in the upcoming Southeast Asian Arts Festival (London, UK) in November 2015 as part of the production, ‘Random Chapters’ and also at the National Gallery outdoor foyer in 2016.

Gra-Vi-Tate was presented both indoors and outdoors.

In line with our Making a scene in public series, we will be discussing creating/ presenting art in an outdoor environment.

Presenting arts in the outdoors in different from using the outdoors surrounding as an integral part of the artwork. Based from our lastStyle Revisited Maya National Gallery Web 52 examples: PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind and Puffing Bodies (Germany), whereby we used the outdoors as part of our work, integrating its surroundings and its element into the artwork itself.

In presenting works outdoors, at time,s the surroundings are not included as part in the artistry/ creation but part of the presentation itself. Hence, the work presented might seem detach from the surroundings.

The idea to present the outdoors may be due to several factors but as art practitioners, we should keep certain elements in mind when doing so. This includes: Permits, Weather, Logistics, Travel flow (pedestrains/ cars etc), location and the list goes on.Style Revisited Maya National Gallery Web 45

With this in mind, as creators we are able to present our art with ease and efficiency.

Join us next time as we talk more about presenting works outdoor in our next series.

Thank you and wishing all if you a happy international dance day.

Stay safe and healthy.

Imran Manaff
Maya Dance Theatre

(Photo courtesy of Style Revisited. Video courtesy of Maya Dance Theatre)

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