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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 07:20

Making a Scene I (15042020)

Dear Friends,

How are all of you doing? It’s been nearly one week since the “circuit breaker”* has been implemented.
Hope that all of you and your love ones are safe and healthy!
We know that without much to do, staying home can be really boring.
One of the things, I did to keep myself engaged was to take up an online course.
The Create in Public Space online course is a great programme for art makers who are keen to bring their works to public spaces. And its free!a 2
Maya Dance Theatre‘s works are usually site centric, where we create a space for both artists and audiences to congregate to bring awareness of social issues, and share social stories through inter-disciplinary dance theatre.
One of our first outdoor full-length work was Grey (2014), which we staged at the roof top of an Indian Organisation that was located in Little India.
Then again in 2016, we worked with the same organisation to create PANCHA-Murmurs In the Wind, the first instalment of our PANCHA Series. Pancha means five and to date we have created three instalments and are currently working on the fourth instalment for release in 2021.
Pancha – Murmurs in the Wind, highlighted the consequences of war and in losing a loved one to it!d 2
Inspired by the conflict in Syria, we invoked the character, Gandhari from the epic, Mahabaratha, as a protagonist in this production where she waits aimlessly every night as the god of wind (Vaayu) brings news of her sons embroiled in the Kurushetra war!
Shahrin Johry, our principal dance artist played the role of Gandhari, devised in collaboration with choreographer/dance artist and NAC Young artist award recipient, Nirmala Seshadri.
Together with composers/musicians – Raghavendra Rajasekaren, Kailin Yong, Noella Yan (Australia) and percussionist, Shamroz Khan, concept choreographer and artistic director Kavitha Krishnan reimagined the journey as a site-centric creation with dancers – Shahrin Johry, Bernice Lee, Eva Tey, Lavanya Dave and Dian Bokir (Indonesia).
Below is a full video of PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind.g
Stay tuned next for more of our site-centric works in the next edition.
Thank you and stay healthy everyone.

Imran Manaff
Maya Dance Theatre


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For more info on PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind


Photo courtesy of Kinetic Expressions. Video courtesy of Millennia Motion Pictures.

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