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NewsMaking a scene II (21042020)
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 11:20

Making a scene II (21042020)

Hello all,

How is everybody doing?PFA

I hope you are staying home and staying healthy.

Last week we shared one our works: PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind, created in 2016. Trust most of you had the opportunity to see the production posted on our website.

Murmurs in the Wind was one of our first site-centric work where we used the location and its surroundings (a former two storey community centre with an accessible roof top:-something hard to find today!) as an integral part of the production.

The presentation revolved around various sites in the building, and audiences had to walk around the different sites to see the production. PFC

If you would like to find out more of how we used the space for our production, PANCHA-Murmurs in the WInd, click here.

This week, we travel time with our recent work, an inter-disciplinary dance theatre production entitled Puffing Bodies, created in collaboration with IpTanz (Cologne, Germany). 

Puffing Bodies is a dance theatre production highlighting our fascination to achieve the “Perfect Body”; and how this fascination has affected millions of us as we transform ourselves into replicants of society's beauty standards! We worked with the theme, “Beyond Skin” to identify the pain and shame of transformations!

PFDThe work was first featured in Cologne, Germany in September 2019 with excerpts of it featured at the City Leaks Festival in Cologne. The presentation of Puffing Bodies in Germany (Cologne) was presented in a World War 2 bunker, bunker, k101.

In December 2019, the work was restaged in SIngapore at Centre 42. Again, we used the entire building to create trails and offer choices to audiences to unfold the stories/moments.

Below is a link to a trailer of Puffing Bodies by Maya Dance Theatre and Iptanz in Germany.

See if you can spot how we use the venue to bring out the different segments in Puffing Bodies?

Have fun watching and see you next time.


Imran Manaff, Producer

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(Video trailer by Barbara Schröer & IPtanz. Photo courtesy of Meyer Originals)


(Click here to find out more about Puffing Bodies)

(Videos of Maya Dance Theatre)

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