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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 16:50

Maya Dance Theatre Newsletter Issue 01


Puffing Bodies premiered last year in Cologne, Germany as MDT collaborated with IP Tanz (Germany) to present a dance-theatre production that add2.jpgresses the social issue of body image. In December 2019, we presented Puffing Bodies in Singapore at Centre 42 with much success!

We are thankful to our post-show dialogue facilitators – Sheila Das, Dr Evelyn Boon, Mr Lim Lit San, Malathi Das, and Jeremiah Choy. MDT is keen to engage audiences in a conversation in relation to the social topics we address through our productions, and these sessions facilitated by experts and professionals gave us the avenue to reach out and add value to our art-making process.

Following up from the production to keep opening up conversations, MDT kicked off 2020 with an exhibition of Puffing Bodies in Library@Esplanade.
In MDT, we believe that our processes and productions bring awareness to social issues, providing a safe space for important conversations to be held. This exists beyond just the show itself – talks, sharings and workshops are part of our work that guides this mission of the company

The exhibition in Library@Esplanade showcased materials used and moments captured during the walking experience at Centre 42, coupled with reflections of the performers involved in the production. It invited more awareness of body shaming and discussions about the “ideal body” as perceived by society.
Follow us as we continue sharing stories to address social issues! 


The MDT-DADC team started 2020 with an international performance at Chennai, India with 4 of our DADC dancers, performing for Saarang Festival and enDADC IN SAARANG 2020( low).jpggaging in an exchange with Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI).

As dancer June Lin shares, she was nervous yet excited about the trip, and described the experience as fabulous and she would like to go again to connect with the toddlers at DSFI whom she danced with during the exchange!

The trip started with an invitation to Saarang WorldFest late last year – the team gladly took up the offer as an opportunity to share our practices with an international audience! In December 2019, we dived into rehearsals to put together excerpts of Speaking With Hands such as Moon Shadow (choreographed by Liz Lea from Canberra, Australia). Liz was supported by Asialink Arts (Australia) to work with us to create a full-length work, Speaking With Hands. The work was staged at The Artground (TAG) supported by National Arts Council, National Youth Council and TAG. We also presented a few more works by Maya’s principal dancers (Eva Tey and Subastian Tan) to showcase the expression of hybridity through Bharatanatyam and contemporary.

With team members Arassi Rajkumar and June Lin taking charge of costumes with Eva Tey, Hee Yuan Sheng assisting with team logistics, and Jaspreet Kaur co-leading the DSFI exchange alongside Subastian Tan, the DADC team pulled off a successful performance graced by Singapore’s Vice-Consulate Mr. Ivan Tan!

We also had the pleasure of conducting an exchange with DSFI to share our practices in connecting and engaging through movement which was received warmly by the parents and members of DSFI – Jaspreet shared a self-written poem about dance and active citizenship as well!

We were also invited by Australian Second Secretary and Vice-consul Mr Andrew Collister for a meet up. During the session DADC team shared with him about the performance at Saarang Festival and their experience working with Liz Lea for Speaking with Hands project. We are looking forward to many more outreach and international events to internationalize our works and practice.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our supporters and sponsors:

Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI)
Dr. Surekha Ramachandran (Co-founder/Chairperson, DSFI)
Mediacorp Enable Fund
Wish a Smile Foundation
Apsara Asia Pte Ltd
Friends & Family of DADC
Individual Donors

As MDT keeps nurturing a semi-professional environment for dancers with disabilities through DADC, we look forward to our next international exposure in this area!


As part of a competition to engage in conversation about public spaces, MDT's DADC team submitted a proposal to activate public spaces through live performances to The Substation that is organizing this event in the month of March 2020.3.jpg

On 29 February, programme leader Subastian Tan and dancer June Lin attended the public judging session and won the Special Mention award!
The proposed performance was realised as the opening of the Propose-A-Parklet exhibition on 20 March at The Substation.

Inspired by the alleyway beside The Substation which he passed by almost every day, Subastian submitted a proposal to inspire people to explore spaces we see but do not always take the journey to experience. Finding a parallel to the stories of people around us, Down the Rabbit Hole, enticed audiences to take the road and enter the world of Jo Devadason and June Lin, who are performers living with Down Syndrome.

Jo Devadason presented a live recitation of her poem, The Moon Princess, which was presented as part of Playeum’s I-Opener exhibition and adopted into DADC's debut production, Speaking With Hands, in November 2019.

Taking on the role of a guide, she lead audiences “down the rabbit hole” to be part of June's story presented through a dance solo choreographed by Eva Tey, which was recently presented at Saarang World Fest' 20 in Chennai, India.

This is the first time the solo debuted in Singapore as part of this project. June was excited that her family and friends in Singapore were able to witness her performance.


Join us to explore the story of the Mighty Mousedeer in search of her family! InWhatsApp Image 2020-03-06 at 19.45.35.jpeg the face of danger, how will she call upon her newfound forest friends to overcome the odds?

A new dance-theatre production created in collaboration with DADC dancers, with artistic direction from Kavitha Krishnan and co-direction/choreography by Eva Tey, the dancers take on animal characters for this project as part of MDT's first ever Arts in Your Neighbourhood programme by National Arts Council!

The MDT-DADC team has been working on the production since January, developing each of their roles through a collaborative process. Jaspreet Kaur, a founding member of DADC, is one of the storytellers working with Karen Lee to bring narration to the story, while June Lin becomes a cheeky, playful monkey which becomes an important turning point of Mighty Mousedeer’s journey!

Drawing from their training in Bharatanatyam and contemporary movements, the dancers bring the animals of the forest to life through dance with music.This programme features music composition by Kailin Yong and Raghavendra Rajasekaran, scriptwriter and storyteller Karen Lee, and MDT dancers Shahrin Johry, Eva Tey and Subastian Tan. We thank Swathi Sathesh for her contributions as our rehearsal master with the MDT team.

An exciting tale suitable for all ages is about to unfold!

Bring your family and friends down to experience the story of the Mighty Mousedeer of the forest!

29 March, 4pm & 6pm
Kampung Admiralty
Community Plaza
Free Admission

* In light of the current COVID-19 situation, precautionary measures will be taken to ensure that everyone can enjoy the show safely!

What’s Next?

Find out in issue 02.

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