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Monday, 06 August 2018 16:29

Meet the ... Musicians of PANCHA-Flowers Don't Bloom All The Time

Meet the ... Musicians of PANCHA-Flowers Don't Bloom All The Time

Meet the ... is a new series of Maya Dance Theatre feature the many collaborators in our upcoming production, PANCHA-Flowers Don't Bloom All the time.

The debut episode feature the musicians guide the dancers in their intricate and delicate movements.

PANCHA-Flowers Don't Bloom All the Time feature the artistry of:

Kailin Yong-Music Director/ Composer

Known to many as the Fiddler for Peace, Kailin believes firmly in the power of music and love to affect profound and positive changes in the world. He was trained in Austria at the Musikhochschule Wien and was the recipient of the Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin in 2004 for his efforts in building cultural bridges through music.

In 2013, Kailin returned to Singapore after spending twenty years living, traveling and playing in Europe and America. Since then, he has been actively sharing his gift as a music director and composer with theatre and dance groups like Checkpoint Theatre, Flamenco Sin Fronteras, Maya Dance Theatre and In Source Theatre, just to name a few. He is also the founding member of several pan-cultural musical groups including the Kailin Yong Peace Project and many more. Kailin currently teaches at Lasalle College Of The Arts, School Of The Arts (SOTA) and Dulwich College.

Akshara Thiru-Live Musician

Akshara Thiru’s belief that music transcends boundaries is expressed in his music as he collaborates with various artistes giving life to his Imaginations. Trained in Hindustani Vocals, his music is shaped by his experiences and his love for Rock, Ethnic and Sufi Folk. He seeks center as the musical worlds collide around him. Akshara wants to live in a world where people are kind to each other and treat mother nature with love.

When Akshara is not playing for Damaru, he spends his time writing music and organizing workshops for youths. He is a Director at Akshara Concepts. Akshara is also the CEO of Damaru Singapore.

If he were a superhero, his power would be to control minds which would give him the ability to make anyone slap themselves when they do something disrespectful or just plain silly.

Govin Tan- Live Musician

22 years old, Govin Tan started his music education at the age of 5 and he only started learning the art of Indian Music - Tabla at the age of 12 with Mr. Chandra Sekaran (Singapore) and subsequently furthered his craft with Ustad Jagjit Singh (India, Punjab). With perseverance and diligence, Govin was the first non-Indian to win the National Indian Music Competition in 2006 (tabla intermediate category) and 2008 (tabla open category) respectively. This was truly an astonishing historical feat that has never repeated itself till date. In 2012, Govin graduated with a Diploma In Sonic Arts – Sound Engineering.

Besides performing full-time with his group Flame of the Forest, Govin is an active learner and extensive percussion educator. He is involved in various eastern and western instruments such as Dholak, Dong Xiao – Bamboo Flute, Naqqara, Pot Drum, Pakhawaj, Drum-Kit, Marimba, Panderio and others.

As a soloist and accompaniment, Govin received tutelage from Ustad Zakir Hussian (world renowned Tabla player), Pandit Birju Maharaj (world renowned Kathak Dancer) and Pandit Mukesh Sharma (India renowned Sharod player). He was invited to perform alongside the A-list musicians in India’s Arts and Drama Centre on numerous occasions.

Govin has since brought his Tabla performances to new heights, both musically and technically where he displayed his tabla techniques skillfully in many performances. At the moment he is experimenting with the addition of other acoustic instruments to the Tabla as a form of accompaniment. Govin teaches the Tabla and Dong Xiao (Bamboo Flute) in Sheng Hong Arts Institute a Charitable Arts Organization that promotes mostly Nan Yin’s art and culture and he is also a freelance Tabla Educator.

Many are unaware that Govin is equally proficient with the western drum-kit and till date he holds a Diploma in Drums. He is currently teaching drums at My Drum School in Singapore. Govin was grateful that he had the opportunity to travel, perform alongside other musicians and introducing Singapore’s culture and music to countries like the United States (Philadelphia), South Korea (Bussan & Seoul), Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), United Kingdom (Llangollen), India (New Delhi), China (Quan Zhou, Beijing, Xia Men) and Australia (Melbourne).

Over the years, Govin participated in the “World Music Choir Competition” – South Korea; Bussan & Seoul in 2009, “ASEAN Korea Traditional Orchestra (AKTO)” – South Korea; Seoul in 2011, “The Exuberance of Youth” & “The Elegance of Nanyin” – Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2011 respectively, “East West Encounters” - Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and “ASEAN Commemorative Summit” – India; New Delhi in 2013.

On numerous occasions, Govin have appeared on National Television, movie and theatre productions. He recorded original sound tracks for Channel News Asia’s (CNA) “Post General Election 2012 – The New Normal” program, Destination Art, Art Less Travelled, Eric Khoo’s movie; My Magic where the film was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival, President Star Charity Fund Raising for Mediacorp Channel 5, “Trikon – The War Within” and “A Bollywood Affair” by the Tanglin Trust School and others.

Always finding ways to give back to society, Govin has been entertaining old folks and the less fortunate at Singapore General Hospital, Metta, Sinda, Salvation Army, Brighthill Evergreen Home and others.

In 2014, Govin joined Asian Contemporary Ensemble (ACE) led by Conductor and Composer Wong Kah Chun and was appointed as the Indian music section leader.

Neil Chua (Ruanatworkz)-Live Musician

Graduated from the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Neil is the first and youngest musician of the Conservatory to receive a Master Degree in Ruan (阮). Neil is also the Founder of RuanAtWorkz Musical Arts, a non-profit Society in Singapore which promotes traditional culture, music, art and other form of traditional values. He is the first musician to be invited to represent Malaysia to participate in the highly acclaimed OneBeat, which is a U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs exchange programme in 2014 whereby he had the opportunity to interact, educate and promote Ruan (阮) to students and musicians from around the world in the United States of America.

Neil’s unique ability to bond different traditional cultures into his works set himself apart. His passion led to his participation in the Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop 2015 & 2017 by Cello Maestro Mr. Yoyo –Ma where globally minded musicians engaged in learning from one another’s traditions and incorporating them into their own artistic voices.

Neil is also a proud recipient of several musical accolades. He staged his first solo performance under the invitation of the Malaysia Professional Culture Centre Chinese Orchestra in June 2005 at the Kuala Lumpur City Government Concert Hall. Ever since then, Neil has been invited to numerous events and festivals around the world such as the Asian Performing Arts Market (APAMS) in Japan, Setouchi Triennale (Japan). Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) in Indonesia and the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM). Neil is also the Director for the sold-out ‘Sesaji Segoro – The Daughter of the Ocean’ where he infused 5 different cultures in a never been seen before opera. Neil’s dedication in using music to break borders is clearly reflected in his most recent project – ‘BREVE’ where he brought together 7 international renowned musicians across Asia and U.S.A. to Singapore for a 11-Day music-cultural exchange with a series of engagement activities with local art groups, schools and communities.

Being the first to graduate with a Master Degree in Music (Ruan), Neil places upon himself the responsibility to inspire and to advocate the rich culture of traditional music. He dedicates his time to promote his principle instrument Ruan (阮) by working closely with composers, young musicians and conducts regular classes to impart his skills to his students.

SA Trio- Music Collaborator

Music is often marked by culture or era but sound knows no limitations. Understanding this, SA(仨 )creates its own soundscapes, producing art that can be heard. SA(仨)aims to explore all the possibilities that sound has to offer, regardless of culture or tradition. Founded in 2010, the band takes its name from Northern Chinese dialect, 仨, which means three, as a tribute to their traditional Chinese roots though all three are Singaporeans. Each band member received professional training in their respective instruments in Shanghai, Hongkong and Beijing – Andy C. plays dizi (flute), Natalie Alexandra on guzheng (zither) and Cheryl Ong on drums and percussions.

For SA(仨), each instrument is merely the start of an exploration in sound. Every original composition from SA(仨)is a bold experiment that combines traditional elements with modern techniques such as live looping. Triggered live (no patches, no bass), every performance is a risk that the band takes to interpret the question of identity.


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