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NewsMusic composer and vocals-Peni Candrarini (Solo, Indonesia)
Monday, 27 March 2017 15:41

Music composer and vocals-Peni Candrarini (Solo, Indonesia)

PENI CANDRA RINI is an Indonesian composer, song writer and singer (traditional & contemporary). She is also a lecturer in the department of Karawitan at the Indonesian2 Institute of Arts (Institut Seni Indonesia – ISI ) in Surakarta, Central Java. This talented young singer has very rare talent as a “sindhen” (a female solo singer who sing with a Gamelan). Peni keeps showings, especially to the youth that it’s very important to keep the inheritance of our nation by performing from one festival to another festival. Peni received the best young sindhen in Surakarta in the event “Seleksi Pesindhen Remaja Se Karisidenan Surakarta” 19-20 March 2005 in Pendapi gedhe Balaikota Surakarta, She received the silver medal for the best vocal performance at the Spring Friendship Art Festival in Pyong Yang North Korea. Peni has participated in many festivals and collaborated with different artists from all over the world.

She has recorded four albums: Bramara (2010), Sekar (2012), Bhumi (2015) and Daughter of the Ocean (2016), As a vocalist on the album "Anane Ono" and "Opera Jawa" by Rahayu Supanggah. She is currently involved in the silent film with gamelan, Setan Jawa.

3Her compositions has been performed at the World Gamelan Festival Trengganu 2010, HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) Africa 2011 and 2012, Collaboration with Los Angeles Electric 8 for the World Festival of Sacred Music Los Angeles 2011, Lincoln Center White Light Festival 2011, Cornish music Series 2011, Jeonju International Sori Festival 2012 Korea. ASEAN Enchanting Puppets Festival 2013 Chiangmai Thailand. Music Director, "Ontosoroh" collaborate with Ade Suharto (Australian choreographer) at the OzAsia Festival 2013 in Adelaide, the Australian Performing Arts Market 2014 in Brisbane, WOMADelaide festival 2014 in Adelaide. Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (2014), Cinnars Biennale (2014) Montreal Canada, Makassar International Writers Festival (2016). Pekan Komponis Indonesia 2013, Among Rasa Music Concert Bentara Budaya Jakarta 2014, the 50th Asian Cultural Council Anniversary in New York City 2014, Bhumi Giri Bahari 2015 in Bentara Budaya Jakarta, “Sing With Your Body and Dance With Your Voice” at the Ringling International Arts Festival in Florida USA 2015, Jazz Gunung 2016, SIPA Solo International Performing Arts 2016, “Sesaji Segoro” - Daughter of the Ocean in Setouchi Triennial Japan in 2016. Europalia 2017.

She has worked with: Rahayu Supanggah & Iain Grandage (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) for Setan Jawa Movie director by Garin Nugroho (Asia Topa 2017, ArtJog 2017, Holland Festival 2017, Esplanade July 2017), I Lagaligo - Robert Wilson, Opera Jawa - Garin Nugroho, Megalithic Quantum, Spoleto Festival Dei Duo Mondi, World Gamelan Festival Terengganu. Collaboration with Idud Sentana Art, Meredith Monk, Suzanne Teng, Roman Stolyar, Kit Young, Albert Zimedza, Dwiki Dharmawan, I Wayan Sadra, AL Suwardi, Jarad Powel, Jessika Kenney, Flower Cotton - Ronnarong Khampha, Ontosoroh - Ade Suharto, Eko Supriyanto , Miroto, Gondrong Gunarto, Bee - Boby Budi Santosa, Dedek Wahyudi, Mugiono Kasido, Midiyanto, I.M Harjito, Barry Drummond, Pandji Vasco Da Gama, Leslie K Gray, Mindy Johnson, Chris Miller, Philip Grauthy Los Angeles Electric 8, “Ratu Kalinyamat, Ziarah Bulan Purnama” - Sardono W.Kusuma 2013, “After Dream” - Jen Shyu, OneBeat Fellows 2014, Elena Moon Park, Found Sound Nation New York, “Persahabatan Project” - Gilles Saisi, Making music movie "Lingkaran Kekerasan - Circle of violence" director Nur Hidayat. Jingle Immigration Pemalang, Cirebon, Jakarta Timur, and Jingle SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts) in 2016. Shadow Ballads Project 2016 - Andy McGraw, Anna Robert G & Elizabeth Prielle, Kroncong Rumput Virginia, Danis Sugianto, Gusti Sudharta, Lion and the Moon Lady 2016 - Neil Chua, Mahabharata III 2016 - Hiroshi Koike.


Music of PANCHA-When the flames blaze the cages body, I surrender my soul, I Am....

Videos of Peni Candrarini

Peni Candrarini in Setan Jawa: Rehearsal Sneak-Peek - 24 Feb at Arts Centre Melbourne

TALKING PERCUSSION by Peni Candra Rini & Plenthe Percussion

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