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NewsProject: Flowers Don't Bloom
Wednesday, 23 May 2018 16:45

Project: Flowers Don't Bloom

Projeccccct: Flowers Don’t Bloom is Maya Dance Theatre’s new community engagement project that aims to brings awareness to the issue of violence against women and children.

Though a taboo subject in Singapore, Maya Dance Theatre feels it is a subject which needed to be made public. The voices of the women and children needs to be made heard. And we realised as we discussed the topic further; boys and men are not spared the ordeal of sexual assault as well ! Hence, the establishment of Project: Flowers Don’t Bloom At.

The project will use the arts as an instrument to bringforth the message of preventing; Violence against women and children perpertuaed in their own home.

We wil be organizing several community awareness-arts sessions and activities to bring forth insight towards this social issue to the public with thoughtful artistic voices of varied dimensions such as: Film screeninf, visual arts by survivors of domestic violence, photographic exhibition, community talk addressing the issue of domestic violence, workshops, public performance and ending with a dance theatre production.

Below is a list of our upcoming programmes to bring awarness and education to the social issue of violence againsy women and children:

Film Screening

07 July 2018; 8pmMV5BYjRiOGEyNmItNjIwMy00ZjA0LWI5MWQtMDc4NTJiNjA1NWIzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzY1NDM0MTU
The Arts House
Screening Room

Anatomy of Violence

The screening will be followed by a special dialogue session conducted by Dr. Sudha Nair from PAVE and Ms. Malathi Das.)

Photo Exhibition

10-30 September 2018 



Community Talk

29 September 2019ffff




15-18 Aug 2018; 8pm
Centre 42
PANCHA-Flowers Don't Bloom All the Time


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