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xcxcxMaya Dance Theatre returns with We Are All Hypocrites, an Asian contemporary dance production expounding on the perception of hypocrisy. Presented as part of its annual CReations choreographers' series, We Are All Hypocrites will premier on 15-17 October 2015, 8pm at Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Tickets are S$30 (Standard) and $27 (Concession); and available from

CReations 2015 marks the fifth chapter of Maya Dance Theatre's annual CReations series. In keeping with its tradition of thematic production, CReations 2015 - We Are All Hypocrites, features different choreographers' approaches to hypocrisy.

CReations 2015 - We Are All Hypocrites satirises the notion of living principled, righteous lives, absolutely free of fakery. It underscores the notion that we all, at some point in our lives, act falsely, in contradiction to our stated beliefs or feelings — sometimes merely for survival — and are thus labeled 'hypocrites'. We despise the untrustworthy and untruthful, yet we empathise because we have all been there.

Can we stand by what we say and live life accordingly? Or are we victims of situations, of life itself?

The presentation of We Are All Hypocrites will also feature a free site-specific prelude dance performance presented in the corridor outside the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Choreographed by Indonesian dance artist/choreographer Danang Pamungkas, formerly a dancer with renowned Taiwanese dance company Cloud Gate 2, HAZE will feature Maya Dance Theatre's own Bernice Lee, Eva Tey and Shahrin Johry.

"I guess the title speaks for itself. I'm sure at some point in all our lives, we can be labeled hypocrite. However the theme is actually based on those who behave or act in a hypocritical manner due to circumstances. We use the word "hypocrite" so loosely nowadays, we don't really differentiate between those who are truly hypocrites by nature or just hypocritical due to an inconvenient situation. " explains producer/company manager of Maya Dance Theatre, Imran Manaff, on the theme of this year's CReations series.

We Are All Hypocrites will feature a total of 05 new choreographies, with each artist approaching the theme from a different angle, considering hypocrisy from their own conceptions of what it is. Maya Dance Theatre presents the work of Peter Gn (Singapore), Danang Pamungkas (Indonesia), Rianto (Japan/Indonesia) and Singapore's emerging choreographers Foo Yun Ying (Singapore) and Jereh Leong (Singapore).

"This is the fifth year of our CReations series - a milestone from when we started back in 2011. Our objective then remains the same now - to provide a platform for Singapore choreographers to work and also provide mentorship for our young creators; and to share their talents with the public. And I am very glad we have managed to do that." adds Imran Manaff.

CReations 2015 - We Are All Hypocrites 
15-17 October 2015; 8pm
Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box.
S$30 (Standard) and $27 (Concession), and other discounts available.
Tickets available here.
Choreographer: Danang Pamungkas (Indonesia) xxx
Renowned choreographer/dance artist Danang Pamungkas from Indonesia will feature his latest choreography in Creations 2015, as a free site-specific performance as part of National Arts Council’s Got To Move 2015 dance initiative.
Haze is presented as a free prelude performance for CReations 2015 - We Are All Hypocrites from 15-17 October 2015 at 7:30pm at the corridor of Goodman Arts Centre’s Black Box.

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  • Date: 15-17 October 2015
  • Time: 8pm
  • Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
  • Ticket Price

  • Adult: 30
  • Students: 27
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