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Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) presents the creation of a brand new production, PANCHA, to be staged over a period of three years. PANCHA-Murmurs in the panchWind, the first creation will be presented from 01-02 July 2016 (Show 01: 8:00pm & Show 02: 9:30pm) as a site-centric production at a local community building: Singai Tamil Sangam, 02 Kampong Kapor Road Singapore 208674 (located in Little India).

In July 2016, MDT will embark on PANCHA, a three-year long production developed from the correlative concept of nature's elements-Wind, Fire, Water, Earth & Aether. Each work in PANCHA expounds the elements of nature in relation to a female archetype. These works will be presented in various site-centric areas around Singapore through the artistic direction of MDT's artistic director, Kavitha Krishnan.

Each element in PANCHA will be choreographed by Kavitha with different co-choreographers to bring a new perspective to the exploration.

PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind, the first creation will be presented from 01-02 July 2016 at a local community building: Singai Tamil Sangam,

Murmurs in the Wind sets in motion the first element (wind) of PANCHA.Style-Revisited Maya Pancha-Pub 2B Web-8

It is a partial adaptation from the story of the character, Gandhari, in the epic, Mahabaratha. Here, she invokes the god of wind (Vaayu) to find out the fate of her one hundred sons embroiled in the Kurushetra war.

Kavitha taps into Bharatha Natyam and contemporary dance forms to develop this female archetype; a mother whose hundred sons perish in the above mentioned war. The production aims to showcase the anguish and turmoil faced by mothers whose children are at war and the anxiety that they experience due to the uncertainty of their child's fate as a result.

Danang Pamungkas (Solo,Indonesia), co -choreographs this work with Kavitha; melding two cultural perspectives of this Epic story.

PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind will be presented through the physical expression of dance theatre set to the accompaniments of live music through the composition and direction of multi-instrumentalist, Kailin Yong; with flautist, Raghavendra Rajasekaran, Shamroz Khan and celloist, Noella Yan. The character development of Gandhari and Vayu, their acting, movement and scene integration, and the characterization mentorship was by multidisciplinary artist, choreographer and National Arts Council Young Artist Award recipient, Nirmala Seshadri.

Tickets for PANCHA-Murmurs in the wind are now available here.

PANCHA-Murmurs in the Wind is made possible with the support of the following partners:

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 OCBC Bank               Singai Tamil Sangam                        Apsara Asia Pte Ltd                 Samuel Seow Law Corporation


 Arts Fund       Millennia Motion Pictures        National Arts Council                 10 Square


PANCHA-Murmurs in the wind (Trailer) from Maya Dance Theatre on Vimeo.

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