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Bophana at The Arts House Play Den

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Bophana” presented by Maya Dance Theatre Ltd is a movement-based adaptation of Asia-In-Theatre’s 2000 SITA.  The story of “Bophana” highlights a woman telling a story to future women, a maternal journey of epic proportions. The collaborators- director, playwright, dancers and choreographers will deconstruct the script with lots of discussion/improvisation work. It is dance theatre, whereby various explored movements, lights, sounds and theatrical elements try to play with equal importance in the production.

Dancers will be challenged to re-interpret their impulses through “navarasa” to movement expressions; primarily through Bharatha Naytam vocabulary – mudras and bhava. The director, playwright, sound and lighting designers will be challenged to collaborate with the elements to create a space for artistic expression. The story of “Bophana” will be thus re-told, and experienced by the audience through the concept of dance theatre set within contemporary theatre design.

“Bophana”, the production will be told through the concept of dance theatre, by engaging various performing arts forms such as movement, theatre, lights, music and narrative text in the form of dialogues- set between the director and the playwright in midst of the play. Their interaction within the play will also essentially contribute to the design structure of this contemporary dance theatre production. One that has been never done before!

Cast & Crews

Richard Chua
Sonny Lim, adapted by Richard Chua
Movement Choreographers & Casts
Juraimy Abu Bakar
Kavitha Krishnan
Priyalantha Arun
Richard Chua
Sonny Lim
Production Management
Apsara Asia Pte Ltd
Production Manager
Imran Manaff
Asst Production Manager
Iskander Abori
Sound Designer
Yeo Hon Beng
Set Designer
Shirin Begum
Sam Kumar
Sam Kumar
Presented At
The Arts House Play Den, Singapore


Bophana succeeds in interlacing thoughts and emotions as a means of supporting each other, but keeping the layers distinct.

Terence Tan - Theatrex Magazine, Singapore, 9 May 2007

…an experiment that needs to go on.

Juliana June Rasul - TODAY, Singapore 7 May 2007

Bophana was one of the most disturbing pieces I have seen. I have not seen many movement/dance theatre fusion pieces, but the way Bophana’s dance was interwoven with lines and acting was seamless. The raw showcase of human frailty and life’s ups and downs were communicated very nicely

Audience Members Feedback - of Bophana

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