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Maya Dance Theatre, will be making its performance debut in United Kingdom as part of the celebrated Accidental Festival in May 2013. path lowThe company, which recently celebrated its fifth (05th) anniversary in 2012, has been selected to represent Singapore at the festival through their performance, PATH, an Asian contemporary dance production, at the Accidental Festival from 09th May–12th May 2013 at The Roundhouse Theatre, Camden, London.

Established in 2005, the Accidental Festival is an annual arts festival to showcase an array of arts forms to a diverse group of audience members within Camden and London, UK. The festival has presented many international artists and has attracted many audiences from Europe and the UK. Held at the legendary, Roundhouse Theatre in Camden; a cultural venue that has housed live music, theatrical productions, dance works and art installations; the festival presents a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines in order to present a varied four-day programme of original and current work. Past festivals have presented literary arts, live art, film, spoken word, static art and photography, fashion, puppetry, devised work, and all kinds of performance by many International artists from USA and Europe.

Maya Dance Theatre, a recipient of the National Arts Council (NAC) Seed Grant FY2012-FY2015, will present their acclaimed contemporary dance production, PATH, at the Accidental Festival 2013.

Path is a unique Asian contemporary dance production which features the amalgamation of Asian dance form: Indian classical dance (Bharatha Natyam) together with modern contemporary dance. Path is an explorative dance piece set within the concept of liminal space. Based on the theory of Liminality by Victor Turner, Path expounds the 'liminal' state of being 'in-between' and 'be-twixt'. Derived through process-orientation, Path explores the 'liminal space' with new perspectives and ideas using the potpourri of Indian Bharatha Natyam and modern contemporary dance vocabularies.

The Accidental Festival marks the first time Path and Maya Dance Theatre will be featured in Europe after its successful presentations at the Jogja International Arts Festival (JIAF), Indonesia and the Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF), India in 2012 respectively.
Path is choreographed by Shahrin Johry (Most Promising Choreographer recipient for SPROUTS 2012, a choreographic dance competition organized by Frontier Danceland and National Arts Council) with artistic direction by Kavitha Krishnan; and presented by dancers from Maya Dance Theatre: Shahrin Johry, Sheriden Newman, Sufri Juwahir and Kavitha Krishnan.

Maya Dance Theatre's Path will debut in London, UK as part of the Accidental Festival 2013 from 11-12 May 2-13 at The Roundhouse Theatre, Camden, London, United Kingdom.

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