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Founded in 2006 by dance artists, Kavitha Krishnan and Juraimy Abu Bakar and its General Manager, Imran Manaff, Maya Dance Theatre is a young dance company with performances to mark her presence in both local and International arenas like Taiwan, Indonesia, India, China and Australia.  Maya Dance Theatre is dedicated to collaborations, openness and experimentations. Our dance vocabulary draws inspiration from Asian traditions and aesthetics. Transcending cultural identities and boundaries, Maya’s Works are presented through Asian dynamism. Maya Dance Theatre has a unique presence of the Singapore dance scenes because of its pursuits of trans-cultural dance as an independent arts form. Its bold collaborations with partners both local and abroad have yielded provocative and stimulating productions, all of which contributed significantly to the development of the art of dance.

Maya is a proud recipient of the National Arts Council’s SEED Grant in FY2012-2015.

Maya Dance Theatre has built a distinctive identity over the years with its cross-cultural collaborations and integration of Asian traditional dance forms with contemporary dance.

The Flying Inkpot, Singapore

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