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Creative Team

Kavitha Krishnan (Creative Director/ Choreographer)

Trained as an Occupational Therapist, Kavitha presents herself as a dance artist today. With many years of Indian classical danceKavitha Low trainings, Kavitha is also the Creative Director of 2 companies: a young performing arts company Maya Dance Theatre Ltd, and Apsara Asia Pte Ltd an arts management and performances company.

In 2002, 2003, and 2006 Kavitha represented Singapore along with renowned dance artists from 10 countries in ASEAN for ASEAN Flagship Production entitled ”Realizing Rama”, a contemporary dance production, which toured many countries. Currently, Kavitha teaches dance in several schools and also grooms young choreographers and budding dance artists in Maya Dance Theatre.  As the resident choreographer and Creative Director of Maya Dance Theatre, Kavitha for the past five years has created and staged many productions locally and internationally. Kavitha together with Maya Dance Theatre is currently embarking on a series of performances to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Maya Dance Theatre in 2012.

Kavitha’s years of experience in Indian Classical Dance (BharataNatyam) and in Asian dance forms and with her deep interest in modern contemporary works brings out a unique Asian contemporary dance style with innovation and creativity to her works for Maya Dance Theatre. -The Flying Inkpot, Singapore


Juraimy Abu Bakar (Asst. Director/ Choreographer)

Juraimy is a dancer and alumni choreographer with the NUS Dance Ensemble. As an actor he first appeared with Asia-in-Theatre Research Centre in the Dragon King in 1994. He performed in both the Ramayana and The Royal Hunt of the Sun produced by World-In-Theatre (WIT). He is also a member of WIT and has performed with them in Elektra 2005. He performed with Jayanthi Siva in the production; “RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY” produced by her and Substation at the Queensland Poetry Festival 2005. He did a showing with Daniel Kok, a contemporary artist and associate artist of Substation in 2005.

In June 2005, Juraimy performed at the 26th Bali Arts Festival a trans-cultural contemporary dance theatre production, “Ravana” produced and directed by Kavitha Krishnan and Apsara Asia. He also worked with Jayanthi Siva and Kavitha in “Release: The Modern Chapters” in March 2006.In May 2006, performed in Karma Yoga, a collaborative contemporary dance production staged at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Juraimy was also co-director, choreographer and dancer in the recent production, ‘Bitter Chocolate’ presented jointly by Kavitha, Apsara Asia and World-in-Theatre. Currently, Juraimy is dancing for NUS Dance Ensemble’s upcoming production, Next Wave 2007.

Active in the arts scene for the last 10 years, Juraimy is a member of World-in-Theatre, Apsara Asia and the founder and director of Maya Dance Theatre Ltd. Juraimy is a full-time educator and is currently teaching English and Art at CHIJ Katong convent.  Juraimy was co-director and also one of the collaborative-choreographers of the production ATMA in 2007 and 2008.

Imran Manaff (Company Manager)

A member and director of Maya Dance Theatre, Imran has been instrumental in assisting Maya Dance Theatre in all its production. He was undertaken the role of production manager for all of Maya’s productions and also Tour Manager for the group when Maya Dance Theatre travels abroad for production.

He is also the General Manager for Apsara Asia and has contributed in the administrative and market support towards Maya since its establishment in 2006 and has been at the vanguard of all of Maya Dance Theatre’s production.

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